Aligning Technology with High Quality Patient Care


What is Telemedicine



- introduce telemedicine as an emerging technology in healthcare delivery.

- To identify technologies necessary for providing tele-medicine facilities using satellite communications.

- To develop expertise and know-how to establish telemedicine facilities in remote areas.

- To develop the capability to establish tele-medicine facilities in natural and anthropogenic disasters. - To review the SKAFS telemedicine platform - current and future programs.

Telemedicine & Telehealth

History of Telemedicine

What is Telemedicine

Telemedicine System Architect

Only Telemedicine technology can provide appropriate measures in disastrous event while hospital facilities is far off or shortage of specialist in rural area.

Telemedicine Ways Of Communication

More Services provided Virtually

Telemedicine Service Center

Medical Organization Telemedicine Guideline

- AMA (American Medical Association

- ACP (American College of Physicians) &

- ATA (American Telemedicine Association) have policy statements on telemedicine

- Overarching principles include:

   1 - Establishment of valid Professional judgment in appropriateness for telemedicine in clinical setting
   2 - Telemedicine held to same standard as in-person visit

State of Ohio Telemedicine Overview - Case Study

Telemedicine laws and regulations are governed at State level

   1 - Definition: ORC 4731.296
   2 - Regulations: OAC 5160-1-18
   3 - State Medical Board of Ohio Position Statement on Telemedicine

State Board proposed rule (4731-11-09) under:

1 - Review to update prescribing guidelines for patients initially seen at remote location.

2 - Medicaid covers telemedicine (since January 2015), follows Medicare site requirements, without geographic restrictions.

3 - No Ohio telemedicine coverage parity law, but exists in 29 other states.

Medicaid and Private Payer Coverage and Reimbursement Policies

Technology Getting Faster, More Widespread

Examining CMS (Center for Medicaid Services) Coverage Requirements

Why Healthcare Organizations are Turning to Telemedicine

External Forces Driving Expansion in Telemedicine Technology

   - Physician Shortages/High Cost of Physician Employment
   - Consumer demand/ Efficiency Improvement Efforts
   - Cost saving efforts: Commercial and employer-based insurance, ACO shared savings program
   - Value-based care and population management incentives
   - Patient access/workforce limitations
   - Better Technology/More Acceptance from Patients, Physicians
   - Expanding technology capabilities

Journal of General Internal Medicine Patient Satisfaction Study

Smartphone based, real-time telemedicine for the management of emergencies

Challenges and Concerns